BBBS of NYC offers a variety of mentoring programs designed to meet the unique and varied needs of New York City’s youth. At the center of each program, you’ll find a Program Manager dedicated to the success of each Big/Little match supporting their match progress and goals. 



Community-Based Mentoring

This program matches 7-18 year old youths with an adult role model 21 years or older. They spend at least 8 hours per month one-to-one participating in activities of their choice in their own community.  Approximately 99% of our Littles are minorities. Our Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn Mentoring programs help us match Littles in the farther reaches of the boros to Bigs living in, or near, these communities.

Education Initiative

In partnership with the City University of New York’s Think College Now program and Signet Tutoring, this initiative offers Littles academic enrichment programs including college-readiness workshops and computer tutoring stations as well as action-oriented academic intervention programs for our struggling Littles.

Workplace Mentoring

Introduces students to the world of business through on-site, one-to-one mentoring from employees of participating companies. Every other week, students from area schools are brought into the city where they will meet with their Bigs. At present, over 40 of the city’s leading corporations take part in this program.

College Success

This educational initiative seeks to help build college freshman Littles’ leadership skills as well as enhance their academic performance and career readiness. This initiative includes: individualized guidance, workshops, career development and social engagements. Through the program, a BBBS of NYC Success participant will navigate, integrate and excel on the college campus!