What We Do

BBBS of NYC offers a variety of mentoring programs designed to meet the unique and varied needs of New York City’s youth. At the center of each program you’ll find a Social Worker dedicated to the success of each Big/Little match and its outcomes.



Traditional Mentoring

This program matches 7-18 year old youths with an adult role model 21 years or older. They spend at least 8 hours per month one-to-one participating in activities of their choice in their own community.  Approximately 99% of our Littles are minorities. Our Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn Mentoring programs help us match Littles in the farther reaches of the boros to Bigs living in, or near, these communities.

Juvenile Justice Mentoring

The goal of this program is to reduce delinquency and prevent re-arrest. A combination of intense case management services and one-to-one mentoring helps troubled youths make positive changes and stay out of trouble.

Children of Promise Mentoring

This program is for children between the ages of 7 and 18 who have an incarcerated parent or other family member living in the household at the time of arrest. They are referred by community agencies that work with families where a parent has been sentenced.

New American Program

This program helps immigrant youth adjust to a new culture, language, and customs, by matching youth with an adult mentor — usually from similar ethnic backgrounds. Participants in this program represent over 55 nations and 31 languages. 

Building Futures Mentoring

This program supports youth involved in the foster care system, as well as those transitioning out of foster care. Adult mentors provide support to help these youth achieve positive futures. 

Education Initiative

In partnership with the City University of New York’s Think College Now program and Signet Tutoring, this initiative offers Littles academic enrichment programs including college-readiness workshops and computer tutoring stations as well as action-oriented academic intervention programs for our struggling Littles.

Workplace Mentoring

Introduces students to the world of business through on-site, one-to-one mentoring from employees of participating companies. Every other week, students from area schools are brought into the city where they will meet with their Bigs. At present, over 40 of the city’s leading corporations take part in this program.

STARS program

Students gain real world exposure to an industry that they’re interested in pursuing. Companies host a group of 10-15 students four times during the year after school to introduce them to different job functions and work cultures to help them get a taste of what their future could be like.

POD program

Adults are invited to join students for one-time mentoring experiences. These include career days, classroom presentations, sports or music activities, school cleanup or improvement projects and more. These one-time events help students develop workplace skills, learn about opportunities in the city, and get a chance to spend time with a positive adult role model.

Summer Internship

This unique program provides eager, hard-working students the chance to learn firsthand what it’s like to be an employee of a company. Employers can tailor the hours and length to fit their needs. And a salary or stipend is appreciated but not required. If your business is interested in hosting a student intern, please contact us.

Center for Training and Professional Development

This program externally offers social service organizations professional development workshops and certificate programs in mentoring supervision taught by experts in the fields of non-profit management, human resources, and social work.  Internally, the Center trains staff in mentoring best and best practices.