Welcome to the Littles and Parents/Guardians page! This is a resource page for our mentees and their parents in our community-based program.  
If you are a Little or the parent of a Little, congratulations and welcome! Your Program Manager is always available to you to answer any questions you might have, but this page can help to provide you with the information and resources to ensure that your family will get the most out of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC (BBBS of NYC) program. 

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FAQs for Accepted Littles and Parents:

How does BBBS of NYC match volunteers with youth?

BBBS of NYC creates a match based on preferences shared by parent/guardian and Little during their interviews.  Preferences include but are not limited to: interest, gender(s), background, language need, etc.  BBBS of NYC will facilitate a conversation with all parties if matching preferences and/or priority of preferences differ between parent/guardian and Little.  Prior to matching, the Big, Little and parent/guardian all pre-approve their match. 

What does BBBS of NYC mentoring look like? (drop down/click to show answer) 

BBBS of NYC provides one-to-one mentoring, matching youth ages 7-17 (Littles) with adult mentors (Bigs). In our community-based program, Bigs and Littles go on two outings per month, approximately 4 hours each, participating in different activities of their choice in the community. Bigs, Littles, and parents/guardians must maintain weekly phone contact with each other in order to develop the match relationship and coordinate outings as a team.  
Find out about our Workplace Mentoring Center here.

What are some benefits of BBBS program participation?  (drop down/click to show answer) 

Littles receive one-on-one attention, guidance, and support from their Big. They are also exposed to different activities and experiences, which can help them to discover and reach their full potential. Additionally, BBBS provides workshops and opportunities that support our Littles and families in different areas, including academic success, college success, career readiness, and immigration. 

What does the research say about mentoring? (drop down/click to show answer)  

Studies show that children who have mentors are more likely to improve in school and in their relationships with family and friends. Littles can work on specific academic, social, and behavioral goals with their Big over the course of their match. Research shows that mentoring relationships have positive long-term effects on youth. Youth with mentors show an increased likelihood of going to college, better attitudes towards school, increased social and emotional development, and improved self-esteem.

What initiatives and programs does BBBS offer? (drop down/click to show answer)  

  • Our Academic Support initiative provides skill-based workshops focusing on topics such as: middle/high school admission, test preparation, study skills development, and academic goal achievement. 
  • Our Career Exploration initiative assists Littles in developing a career plan by incorporating mapping, exploration, professional etiquette, and action plans to ensure their future career success. 
  •  Our College Success initiative offers a roadmap to college access through organizational tools, workshops, and one-on-one guidance. BBBS then supports our students throughout their college tenure to ensure that they are on track to graduate and equipped for the professional world!  
  • Our Parent Engagement initiative provides various workshops and opportunities for parents to connect with each other throughout the year. These workshops focus on topics such as: academic resources, special education, bullying/social media, and LGBTQ awareness. We also bring our parents together for fun “Parent Meet Ups” and our annual Parent Recognition Day.  
  • Our Immigration initiative aims to create strong, lasting relationships with immigration-related programs throughout NYC, to develop ‘warm-handoff’ partnerships for immigration services.  

How can parents and guardians support their child's match relationship? (drop down/click to show answer)  

  • During your child’s match with their Big, your Program Manager will reach out to you (and your child) monthly. These check-ins serve as opportunities to discuss your child’s goal achievement, match relationship development, and updates on family life and your child’s well-being. Your Program Manager is a social worker who not only supports the relationship between the Big and Little, but can provide you, the parent/guardian, with referrals and resources across the city. They are at your disposal!