noun \ˈli-təl\
: a mentee

Welcome to the Littles page!  This is a resource page for our mentees and their parents. 

If you are a Little or the parent of a Little, congratulations and welcome!   Your program manager is always available to you to answer any questions you might have, but this page can help you find out about our Education Initiative events, learn about our agency-wide events, and give you valuable resources to ensure your family will get the most out of BBBS of NYC’s many services. Read more about our Education Initiative and how it can lead to success 

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Q. Where Do the Volunteer Mentors Come From?

A. Our volunteer mentors (we call them “Big Brothers” or “Big Sisters”) come from all walks of life, from a wide variety of social, economic and ethnic groups. They work at many different sectors such as finance, government, computer programing, medicine, etc.

Q. How Do We Find the Volunteer Mentors?

A.The volunteers inquire with us about mentoring a child and are invited to learn about the program at an orientation before applying. We conduct thorough background checks and volunteers are interviewed, assessed and go through training before they meet the family.

Q. How does the matching process work?

A. Our Littles will be matched with mentors of their same gender based on their common interests, geographical location and goals in life. The process starts with the family coming in for an interview. If the child is accepted our social workers start looking for the most suitable volunteer to form the match. When a volunteer is chosen all parties (social worker, parent, child, volunteer) come to the agency to get to know each other and go over the match guidelines. Once all the parties feel comfortable moving forward with the match, the child and the volunteer are formally matched in a mentoring relationship.

Q. What Is the Screening Process To Allow a Volunteer To Become a Mentor?

A.Our volunteers go through a comprehensive screening process which includes the following: Application, orientation, a thorough interview, background check and mentor training.

Q. What If My Child Doesn’t Like Their Mentor?

A.Our social workers work very hard to find the most compatible mentor for your child, which is why we ask for a one year commitment from all parties. That said, if your child does not feel comfortable with their mentor we will do our best to find a new volunteer.

Q. Can A Mentor Help My Child With Their School Work/Academics?

A.Our volunteers are mentors; as such, they are not trained to serve as tutors. However, if your child needs help with homework or is struggling with school, our volunteers can dedicate a few minutes on every outing to support them in that area. In addition, our social workers will provide tutoring referrals to every child and parent that would like one.

Q. How Much Does the Program Cost?

A.Our program is free and volunteer mentors are aware that they have to cover all outing costs. We also provide opportunities for many agency-sponsored free and low-cost outings throughout the year.

Q. How long will my child have his/her mentor?

A.We ask for a one-year commitment, but our matches could formally stay in the program until the child turns 18. Some of the relationships formed at Big Brothers Big Sisters have stayed together for a lifetime.

Q. What Are the Hours Of Their Match Activity?

A.Match outings are according to the schedule of the mentor and the family. They usually occur on the weekends when the match can meet for the dedicated 4 hours, twice a month, once every two weeks.