Over the course of the year, this group of volunteers holds a variety of fundraising and recruitment activities. Since its inception, this group alone has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations for BBBS of NYC. Our signature fundraiser, BIG NIGHT OUT, brings professionals from a wide-variety of industries together for an evening of fun! 


To find out more about our upcoming monthly meetings, events and other Young Professionals Committee volunteer opportunities, please contact us at: lherman@bigsnyc.org.



President - Joshua Segel
Vice President - Miranda Hardy
Advocacy / Recruitment Chair - Ben Lumsden
Marketing Co-Chair - Alexa Trummer
Marketing Co-Chair - Molly Verette
Sponsorship Co-Chair - Niki Arya
Sponsorship Co-Chair - Anya Chopra
Silent Auction Chair - James Bremis
Gridiron Chair - Alex Moore
Topspin Chair - Sonia Elavia
Membership Chair - John Lodge
Events Chair - Tiffany Hodge
Photography Chair - Frank Rocco