As the CPTO, Salomé provides leadership and strategic vision for talent acquisition, staff learning, career development, compensation and benefits, diversity, equity and inclusion, HR compliance, and employee relations. Her ultimate goal is to maximize the company’s investment in human capital, driving innovation that not only promotes internal cohesion and synergy among all departments, but that also creates a platform to elevate employees to become effective leaders within the organization. For the past 10 years, Salomé has been a successful nonprofit HR leader excelling in employee relations, always striving to be a force of change in providing an outstanding employee experience while utilizing the latest technology to do so. This includes everything from candidate experience, onboarding, employee engagement, performance evaluation, learning and growth, and career development. Salomé's prior HR practitioner experiences have seeded in her the need and urgency to always be inclusive, transparent, and accountable in her work. Moreover, she brings significant experience and passion for working with youth-serving organizations.

Salomé serves as the liaison to the Board of Trustees Human Resources Committee and drives strategic policy updates and changes at the organization. She holds a degree in Operation Management from Baruch College and a Human Resources generalist degree from C.W. Post LIU. Salomé currently lives In Long Island with her family where she loves going on hiking trails with her daughters and enjoys reading romance, suspense, thrillers, transformational nonfiction, and contemporary fiction.