Friday, April 9, 2021

Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City, TechBae Announce New Mentorship Program

Pilot program to match tech career mentors with New York City college students


New York, NY, [April 8, 2021] -- Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City (BBBS of NYC), the nation’s first and city’s largest mentoring organization, announced a new pilot program for female college students in partnership with TechBae. Combining BBBS of NYC’s extensive network of college juniors and seniors with TechBae’s roster of experienced mentors, the program aims to help women break into the ad tech and media industries. The program is expected to begin on May 14 and will serve 15 to 20 students.


Facilitated by BBBS of NYC’s College & Career Success Team, TechBae career mentors and BBBS of NYC college students will meet virtually once a month. At the conclusion of the program, students will have the experience, connections and confidence they need to secure career opportunities after they graduate college.


“Women are the backbone of our workforce but too many face systemic barriers to career access and advancement,” said Alicia Guevara, CEO of BBBS of NYC. “As a woman of color, I know this all too well. Thanks to our friends at TechBae, I am confident that we can continue the work of tearing down obstacles so the next generation of female leaders can thrive.”


Throughout the six-month program, students and mentors will alternate between facilitated group activities and one-on-one deep-dive sessions on the following topics:


  • Career Exploration: Students will be introduced to different careers supported by TechBae volunteers and work toward choosing a path that best suits their skills and interests
  • Career Readiness: Students will explore and map experiences they can pursue to support their career journey, including informational interviews, job shadows, certifications/trainings,

on-campus clubs or projects

  • Networking/Social Capital: Students will develop a network of professionals in their chosen field that can support their access and growth in that career


"A big part of our mission at TechBae has been to “pay it forward” to the women that will come after us in order to encourage equity within our landscape” said Sarah Foss, co-founder of TechBae, “With the launch of our mentoring program with Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC, we have found an innovative way to expand that mission by offering students access to leaders within our membership network who are committed to mentoring and sharing their passion for the media industry."


Companies like SAS, a leading provider of business analytics software and services, are actively partnering with TechBae and BBBS as they strive to create new opportunities for women. “As a Tech Bae, I’m excited about this opportunity to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC,” said Jennifer New, Principal Media Consultant at SAS. “It’s the perfect fit for our collective purpose driven initiative to support rising stars about to enter the workforce. Media needs representation. It fails us otherwise.”


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About Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City

Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC (BBBS of NYC), the nation’s first and New York City’s largest youth mentoring organization, has served the changing needs of NYC youth since 1904. The organization’s mission is to build and support mentoring relationships that ignite the biggest possible futures for youth. BBBS of NYC serves more than 2,500 NYC youth through a variety of specialized mentoring programs that reach all K-12 grade levels and extend through their sophomore year of college. The organization’s evidence-based approach to youth mentoring offers tailored and specialized support to each young person (Little) and a caring adult mentor (Big). Its proven one-to-one Community-Based and Workplace Mentoring programs offer the city’s next generation of leaders increased access to invaluable opportunities and essential guidance that enable them to achieve their full potential.


BBBS of NYC’s city-wide impact is made possible through the support of individuals, foundations and corporations, who recognize the urgent need for all youth to have access to mentors. All contributions enable BBBS of NYC to deepen the investment in current match relationships and expand its reach.

Approximately $3,500 funds the establishment of a new one-on-one match relationship for one year. To learn more, become a mentor, donate and/or offer support, please visit



About TechBae

Tech Bae is a non- profit, professional organization that advances equality by creating meaningful connections and developing opportunities for women within the Ad Tech & media landscape. Founded in 2018 by five media executives, Tech Bae provides community, networking, and events to support the advancement of under-represented voices across the industry. Comprised of a curated network of purpose-driven professionals, Tech Bae is committed to “paying it forward” across all professional levels, promoting empowerment and career opportunities, and amplifying voices for effective advocacy. To learn more about Tech Bae, please visit