“A year ago, I had no idea what BBBS of NYC was – what it would be like – but I can honestly say becoming a Little made a significant change in my life after just the first day.” 

– Ronnie, Little Sister

“Being a Big  didn’t just have an impact on my Little, it had an impact on me.  I felt like I was really contributing to a mission. Planting a seed.  Investing in something.” 

-Elandria, alumni Big and Bigs United affinity group member

“Without being in BBBS of NYC, I wouldn’t have been able to apply for the scholarship.  I am grateful to BBBS, my Big Marjorie and to Tawana Tibbs for taking the risk and investing in me and my future.”  
-Janet, Alumni Little, Tawana Tibbs Scholarship recipient and college sophomore double majoring in linguistics and psychology.

of Littles who graduated from high school were accepted into college