Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thousands of runners and walkers young and old cane out to Prospect Park to raise money for the city's oldest mentoring program. NY1's Bree Driscoll filed the following report.

Eighteen-year-old Derek Nasoff has been part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program for seven years.

"I had two older brothers. Well two other brothers and it didn't work out," says Nasoff.

Then he met College Professor John Frank.

"This guy was twelve. We would be walking around and everywhere he would go—he would be like, 'Can I climb on that tree? Can I climb on this?' And then I was like, 'This guy likes to climb,'" says Frank.

Frank says he started taking Nasoff rock climbing. The two also went biking even took a pottery class. Seven years later, though, Nasoff says one of the biggest lessons he's learned from Frank has been how to get over his shyness.

"He is an extrovert. He taught me how to socialize with people in public and that kind of thing. He is also a college professor. He taught me how to speak well. He gave me a good sense of oratory," Nasoff says.

This is just one of hundreds of success stories of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program of New York City. Saturday, the organization held its 10th annual RBC Race for the Kids—raising more than a million dollars.

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