Welcome to the Bigs page!  If you are currently a Big, thanks for volunteering with us. You are at the heart and soul of our success, changing the lives of the children we serve, for the better, forever.

We hope this page will be helpful for you.  Here you’ll find resources, events, activities and continuing education to help you have a successful match with your Little.  Know that your program manager is always available to you to answer any questions you might have, but this page can help you plan an outing with your Little, find answers to some basic questions or, most importantly, help give you continuing education so you can be the best mentor to your mentee.

Match Outings

Every month, BBBS of NYC is committed to providing at least one free of charge group outing, designed to help you work towards your Little's SMART goals and connect with other matches in our program. Supported directly by our program managers, these outings provide an opportunity to connect directly with the BBBS community in a fun and productive way.

The GoBig App

Looking for an idea for your next outing? Want an easy way to track your progress on your SMART goals? Would you like to be able to journal your memories with your Little? Then take advantage of our free app developed specifically for Bigs in our program. Using your login and password, you have access to resources to help make your outings memorable. Download the app in the Google Play and iTunes stores.

Check out the GoBig App User Guide HERE

Volunteer Meetups

Stay posted upcoming Volunteer Meetup events!


We are dedicated to the continued support of our Bigs through training and education to empower them to be the best mentors they can be. Because of this, our Center for Training has developed a series of micro-learning training videos to address some common isses facing our Bigs today. Visit our YouTube channel to watch and make sure you subscribe to be the first to know when new trainings are released.

Other ways to get involved
Join Team BBBSNYC         Affinity Groups         Alumni Bigs

Not yet a Big?
Become a Big Brother/Big Sister 

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