BBBS of NYC has expanded our matching policy. To date all Littles were matched with a Big of their same gender.  Our new policy allows families to choose the gender(s) they are open to be matched with in addition to other preferences such as shared interest, background, language needs, etc. BBBS of NYC will facilitate a conversation with all parties if matching preferences and/or priority of preferences differ between parent/guardian and youth.

Learn more about our new expanded policy:

Putting the Youth First: Since 1904 BBBS of NYC has provided match relationships which support all youth to reach their full potential.  This policy enhancement allows us to match Littles with Bigs regardless of gender and gauge a match based on personality, strengths, and ability to assist in goal attainment, all of which help our youth become the next generation of leaders. 

Adjusting to Time and Need: This new policy reflects BBBS of NYC’s commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion for youth of all gender identities.  It will allow us to continue to serve youth in the most relevant way, by eliminating gender identity as the determining factor in the formation of life-changing matches.    

Optional:  Parents, Littles and Bigs can opt-in to this new form of matching and are able to do so when they are interviewed for our program(s).  All Littles and Bigs are matched with various preferences in mind, including but not limited to: interests, experiences, language spoken, etc.

Volunteer Screening: Our rigorous process for vetting potential Bigs has not changed.  The process includes a background check, an in-depth character assessment, and reference checks.  Additionally, all volunteers must complete a training session prior to beginning the match relationship with a Little and other sessions throughout the match relationship.