February 11, 2021

Dear BBBS of NYC Community, 

Living through the recent racial inequity and global health pandemics has shown us both the best and the worst of our City. Among the dire consequences of both pandemics are the resurgence of anti-Asian sentiment, violence and hate. The most recent incidents across the country resulted in tragic loss of life and are inciting deep fear and trauma.  

As a youth serving organization, BBBS of NYC will not stand for racism, xenophobia and violence aimed squarely at dehumanizing, harming and intimidating our Asian and Pacific Islander Littles, Bigs, families and staff. Our imperative to ignite potential is also a call to undo prejudice, call out racism, speak up in the face of hate, and lift each other up.  

The proximity of these violent acts to the upcoming Lunar New Year is a stark reminder that we have much work to do to truly create a City where everyone can safely, fully celebrate and be celebrated for their diverse identities and cultures.  

At BBBS of NYC, we are focused on combating bias through action and offering assistance to those impacted. Please see below for a list of resources:  

Our team is here to support you and you can expect to hear more from us in the coming weeks regarding how we plan to take action in supporting the Asian and Pacific Islander members of our community.  

In solidarity, 

Alicia D. Guevara, 
Chief Executive Officer, Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC