Customized Training For Corporate & Community-Based Organizations

Since 1992, our Center for Training and Professional Development has provided training and technical assistance to help corporate and community-based organizations address program challenges and develop innovative approaches that enhanced existing or developing mentoring programs.

In-person, over the phone, or by written consultations, we’re ready to provide free advice and resources to help with issues organizations may face when dealing with mentoring programs, including:

  • Review and feedback of program policies/procedures or grant proposals
  • Discussion and clarification of a program’s mission, goals, and ways to evaluate progress toward reaching those goals
  • Provision of resources about recruiting and screening volunteers
  • Tips on managing volunteers, youth, and families


On-site training

With this fee-based service, we can develop and facilitate customized training for other organizations’ volunteers and/or staff. Training topics include:

  • Exploring the role of the volunteer
  • Relationship building with youth
  • Communication skills
  • Youth development
  • Managing cultural diversity
  • Training the trainer
  • Other programmatic issues


For more information on receiving Technical Assistance or to set up Customized Training, please contact the Center for Training.