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The Center for Training and Professional Development
The "Teaching Hospital" for the mentoring field

The mission of BBBS of NYC's Center for Training and Professional Development (The Center) is to train professionals to develop formalized mentoring programs; to provide resources to assist youth-serving organizations in developing, expanding, and improving their organizations; and to provide professional workshops to enhance personal and organizational goals.

Since 1992, The Center has been providing training and technical assistance to hundreds of youth-serving organizations throughout New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New York State with the intention of matching more youth with one-to-one mentors. The Center has also facilitated training sessions in locations throughout the country and outside the United States including Georgia, Missouri, Utah, Washington D.C, Bermuda, St. Lucia, and New Orleans.

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One of the Center's core initiatives is the Mentoring Supervisor Certificate Program (MSC Program). BBBS of NYC's Center administers the MSC Program, developed in conjunction with Fordham University's Graduate School of Social Service. This 32-hour intensive course is the first academic certificate program for mentoring professionals in the country and serves as a national model.

Each year in addition to its graduate-level training program, The Center hosts numerous workshops, conferences, network meetings, and lectures to promote excellence in services to mentor youth. Professional staff and facilitators bring their practice, knowledge, and skills from the field into every training session offered.

The Center has seven initiatives designed to meet the needs of its client organizations - youth-serving agencies that want to positively impact youth and communities.

For more information please contact the Training Center at 212-686-2042 or email

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